Home Standards Standards A/100: DTV Application Software Environment - Level 1 (DASE-1) - 3/9/2003

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A/100: DTV Application Software Environment - Level 1 (DASE-1) - 3/9/2003 PDF Print E-mail
9 March 2003

The DASE-1 Standard defines a software layer (middleware) that allows programming content and applications to run on a so-called common receiver. Interactive and enhanced applications need access to common receiver features in a platform-independent manner. This environment provides enhanced and interactive content creators the specifications necessary to ensure that their applications and data will run uniformly on all brands and models of receivers. Manufacturers will thus be able to choose hardware platforms and operating systems for receivers, but provide the commonality necessary to support applications made by many content creators.

The DASE-1 standard may be downloaded as individual documents:

  • A/100-1, Introduction, Architecture, and Common Facilities
  • A/100-2, Declarative Applications Environment
  • A/100-3, Procedural Applications and Environment
  • A/100-4, Applications Programming Interface
  • A/100-5, ZIP Archive Resource Format
  • A/100-6, Security
  • A/100-7, Application Delivery System - ARM Binding
  • A/100-8, Conformance
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