2018 ATSC Next Gen TV Conference Agenda

May 23, 2018

May 23, 2018






Welcome Richard Friedel (FOX) & Mark Richer (ATSC)



Opening Keynote

Sam Matheny, CTO, NAB




Reports from the Road

Moderator: Tom Butts, TV Technology

  • Phoenix                                      Anne Schelle, Pearl
  • Raleigh                                       Pete Sockett, Capitol
  • Dallas                                          Mark Aitken, Sinclair
  • Cleveland                                   Lynn Claudy, NAB
  • East Lansing                              Marc Hand, Public Media Co.
                                                          Prabu David, MSU








Special report: ATSC 3.0 in South Korea
Kang Ok Jeon, (Jay) Korea Radio Promotion Association




Implementation Team Reports

  • Personalization and Interactivity    David Siegler, Cox
  • Conformance                                       Bob Campbell, Eurofins
  • Advanced Emergency Alerting        Madeleine Noland, LGE




Next Gen Alerting: The Public Safety Perspective

Moderator: John Lawson, AWARN

  • Denis Gusty, Program Manager, First Responders Group, DHS Science and Technology
  • Alan Nanavaty, Executive Director, Special Programs, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
  • Dave Mulholland, ECC Administrator, Public Safety Communications and Emergency Management, Arlington County




Reception – Music by the Multicasters


May 24, 2018



Welcome Richard Friedel (FOX) & Mark Richer (ATSC)




Jeffrey Cole,
Center for the Digital Future at USC Annenberg




Valuing TV in a Multiplatform World,
Abby Auerbach, TVB








Audience Measurement

Moderator: Gary Arlen, Arlen Communications

  • Arun Ramaswamy, Nielsen
  • Joe Winograd, Verance
  • Harold Geller, Ad-ID
  • Chris Lennon, OBID-TLC
  • Stephen Davis, Kantar Media




John Hane, Spectrum Co.








25th Anniversary of the Grand Alliance




Keynote Pat Butler, President & CEO, APTS




The Business of Next-Gen TV:  Looking Ahead
Moderator:  Anne Schelle, Pearl TV

  • Ed Busby, TEGNA
  • David Gibber, Sinclair
  • Brett Jenkins, Nexstar
  • Deb McDermott, Verance




Artificial Intelligence Keith Chandler, IBM Watson




Next-Gen MVPD Systems

Moderator: Glenn Reitmeier, Comcast

  • Scott Davis, Charter
  • Yasser Syed, Comcast
  • Paul Heart, SCTE/Sony








Augmented and Virtual Realities Steve Koenig, CTA




Bernard Lechner Outstanding Contributor Award

Presented by Mark Richer (ATSC) and Richard Friedel (Fox)