The 2002 Bernard J Lechner Award

The “Bernard J. Lechner Outstanding Contributor Award” is bestowed once a year to an individual representative of the membership whose technical and leadership contributions to the ATSC have been invaluable and exemplary. The title of the award recognizes the first recipient, Bernard Lechner, for his outstanding services to the ATSC. The award is made by the Board of Directors and presented at the ATSC Annual Meeting.

Award presented to Regis Crinon by Bernard Lechner (l), for whom the award is named.

Award presented to Regis Crinon by Bernard Lechner (l), for whom the award is named.

Regis Crinon has been involved with many aspect of our industry, holding positions at Tektronix, Thomson Consumer Electronics, Sharp Laboratories of America and now Intel.

For over five years, Dr. Crinon has been an active participant in the work of ATSC. For the past three years, he served as Chairman of the T3/S13 Specialist Group on Data Broadcasting. During that time, T3/S13 successfully completed its work on the Data Broadcasting Standard (A/90), the Implementation Guidelines for the Data Broadcast Recommended Practice (A/91), Delivery of IP Multicast Sessions over Data Broadcast Standard (A/92) and most recently, the Synchronous/Asynchronous Trigger Standard (A/93). He also co-authored (with Richard Chernock, Michael Dolan & John Mick) a book published by McGraw Hill on the ATSC Data Broadcast Standard.

He received his B.S.E.E. degree from the Institut Superieur d’Electronique du Nord, in Lille, France in 1981, an M.S.E.E. degree from the University of Delaware in 1984 and a Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Oregon State in 1993. In 1987, he was a visiting scientist at the Advanced Television Research Program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he worked on high-definition television.

Dr. Crinon has been an active participant to the MPEG Systems and MPEG DSM-CC (Digital Media Command and Control) standardization process. In 1999, he was recognized twice by MPEG for outstanding contributions to DSM-CC and MPEG-2 Systems, respectively. (March 2002)

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