A/331: ATSC Candidate Standard Revision: Signaling, Delivery, Synchronization, and Error Protection

Approved 30 April 2018. Updated 13 August 2018. The CS period ends 31 January 2019.

This document specifies the technical mechanisms and procedures pertaining to service signaling and IP-based delivery of a variety of ATSC 3.0 services and contents to ATSC 3.0-capable receivers over broadcast, broadband and hybrid broadcast/broadband networks. The service signaling functionality defines the data formats and information components necessary to discover and acquire user services. The IP-based delivery functionality specifies two application transport protocols for the carriage of media content and service signaling data over broadcast and/or broadband networks to receivers. The delivery functionality also includes mechanisms for the synchronization of media components delivered on the same or different transport networks, and application-layer forward error correction methods that enable error-free reception and consumption of media streams or discrete file objects.

Section 7.1.8 of this Candidate Standard includes descriptions on the DWD (Distribution Window Description). Similar descriptions appear in A/337, Section 4.3. ATSC is in the process of moving the DWD topic from A/337 to A/331.

Please note that in the CS, the reference to the DWD XSD in Sec. 7.1.8 is incorrect and should be DWD-1.0-20180830.xsd, which can be found in the attached schema zip file.

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