And Now A Word from Our Sponsor: Triveni Digital

As our industry prepares for a future based on the powerful new evergreen broadcast standard, 2020 ATSC sponsor Triveni Digital has been hard at work. By devoting significant resources to the development of the NEXTGEN TV standards, and products that support it, we placed a major bet that ATSC 3.0 would transform the broadcast business.  Our team has contributed heavily to the leadership and development of the new standards. Our engineering team has been on the front lines integrating with key ecosystem partners to bring up the early on-air ATSC 3.0 stations, advancing the ecosystem for practical deployment. As a leading provider of products and services for the broadcast industry we remain at the forefront of evolving technologies and industry standards. From the company that helped create ATSC 3.0, our award-winning new products are essential for TV broadcasters that want to make a smooth transition to NEXTGEN TV.