BIG PLANS: Sinclair Set to Deploy FCC-Approved Next Gen TV

With FCC approval of Next Gen TV powered by ATSC 3.0, Sinclair Broadcast Group and its subsidiary ONE Media announced they intend to “fully deploy ATSC 3.0 on Sinclair’s stations nationwide.”

Sinclair praised the benefits of the new digital standard that “will dramatically improve television pictures and sound and, for the first time, be receivable on mobile devices, over-the-air for free.” The Internet Protocol-based standard will seamlessly merge broadcast signals with Internet-based content and also enable multiple new data transmission business opportunities for broadcasters, the company said.

“True mobile TV and data distribution, compatible with the Internet, can now become a reality,” said Chris Ripley, Sinclair president and CEO, who saluted “the detailed contributions of hundreds of ATSC volunteer engineers resulting in a platform that will be the envy of the world.”

ATSC 3.0’s television and data capabilities “promise spectacular benefits to consumers, broadcasters and equipment manufactures alike,” said Ripley, who added: “Now is the real test for the industry to make good on technology’s promise. We have our work cut out for us, and we are up to the task.”

Sinclair Executive Chairman David Smith added his two cents: “We are ‘off the plateau’ and ready to climb the next mountain along with our broadcast brethren, manufacturers, programmers and new business partners, looking down on wondrous new opportunities. There should only be upside for all concerned – including most importantly, the public.”