Custom Installation Market Ripe for Next Gen TV

Early adopters are certain to have questions about the new capabilities of ATSC 3.0, particularly if they are planning to outfit a new home with the latest home theatre gear.  That’s why a panel of ATSC experts was assembled for the annual CEDIA home integrator show, held this year in San Diego.  The panel was headlined as “ASTC 3.0 – Everything You Needto Know.”

Moderator and bon vivant editor Michael Heiss (well known for his TV Test Pattern sportcoat) brought together Jerry Whitaker (ATSC), Luke Fay (Sony), Jineanne Ford (Channel Master) and Dave Arland (Indiana Broadcasters Association) for a discussion about how the standard might impact high-end home systems.  The event was one of several dozen informational and educational events during the CEDIA conference, where installers also focus on integrating home video and audio, satellite and rooftop antennas, networking and security systems, and other new products and services.  Check out the full 80-minute panel discussion here.

Some in the audience voiced concerns about what receiving antenna equipment will be necessary for ATSC 3.0, described as a more robust transmission system than current over-the-air ATSC 1.0.  Integrators were reminded that they need to stay up to speed on ATSC 3.0 developments, since they are often the “front line” with early adopters most interested in new technologies.