New ATSC Board of Directors Elected

Members of the ATSC have elected four new individuals to the organization’s Board of Directors.

Ira Goldstone (Univision); Richard Friedel (Fox), Sam Matheny (Capital Broadcasting/WRAL), and Glenn Reitmeier (NBC Universal) have each been elected to three-year terms, beginning January 2013.

Re-elected to the Board was Jim Kutzner (PBS.)

Returning board members for 2013 include Lynn Claudy (NAB), Mark Eyer (Sony), Brett Jenkins (LIN Media), Brian Markwalter (CEA), Andy Scott (NCTA), Bob Seidel (CBS), Dave Siegler (Cox Media Group), Peter Symes (SMPTE) and John Taylor (LG Electronics.)

Current board members with terms are ending December 31, 2012 are Jay Adrick (Harris), Tony Caruso (CBC),  Wayne Luplow (Zenith/LG, representing IEEE),  and Craig Todd (Dolby.)