PRESIDENT’S MEMO: Rules of the Road

As broadcasters drive down the Road to ATSC 3.0 – stations in Chicago and Santa Barbara are the latest to go on the air – they’re following the Rules of the Road, our suite of standards collectively known as ATSC 3.0.  Also using our standards as their roadmap are manufacturers, large and small, of broadcast and consumer equipment supporting the early deployments from coast to coast.

Consumer electronics manufacturers have their own Rules of the Road, too. As the Consumer Technology Association’s Brian Markwalter shares in this month’s Chat Room column, CTA’s recommended practices for ATSC 3.0 receivers are now in place for the Physical Layer, Logical Layer, Video and Audio, with more in the works. 

The consumer technology and broadcasting lanes on Road to ATSC 3.0 will be merging in early October when we co-locate our ATSC fall meetings with the CTA Tech & Standards Forum in California.  ATSC road warriors also will be involved in the NAB NY Show and at SBE, SMPTE and SCTE conferences this month.  

The ATSC thanks CTA, not just for hosting our important meetings in Hollywood this month, but especially for driving Next Gen TV with its comprehensive set of recommended practices, vital Rules of the Road for TV makers to get on the onramp.

Mark Richer, ATSC President