SOMEONE YOU SHOULD KNOW: Minsung Kwak, LG Electronics

An avid swimmer, Minsung Kwak is helping to navigate the waters of the new broadcasting standard, ATSC 3.0.

As Chief Research Engineer at the LG Electronics Advanced Standard R&D Lab in Seoul, Kwak has worked as part of the ATSC’s S33-1, S33-2 and S33-3 specialist groups to specify the ATSC 3.0 delivery and signaling system architecture. “I’m most proud of the signaling mechanism for the deployment of ATSC 3.0 Services,” she says.

Building a Standard to Target New Consumers

Kwak majored in computer science engineering at Ewha Woman’s University and received her Master’s degree from Seoul National University before landing a job with LG. Eventually, she began working on the technology behind the ATSC A/153 Mobile Digital Television Standard.

“I’ve been to Las Vegas several times to demonstrate the mobile ATSC devices,” says Kwak. “Although Mobile DTV wasn’t commercially launched at that time, I accumulated much knowledge about IP-based broadcasting systems….

“When I started working on ATSC 3.0, I realized that I needed to enhance my capability to contemplate many of the more detailed aspects. Through ATSC, I’ve met a lot of experts who have worked for the broadcasting area; it was really good experience to get to know them and work with them.”

She says she’s most impressed by the targeted-ad insertion capability of ATSC 3.0 because she believes it will lead to consumers seeing commercials that are more relevant to their interests and is a way to build a greater audience for broadcast television.

“ATSC 3.0 is designed not to be backwards-compatible. Literally, it’s new broadcasting system including various consumer devices like TVs and mobile phones. Besides, the broadcasters will be able to distribute their own applications to give an improved user experience anytime and anywhere,” she explains.

Testing the Waters of Travel

The daughter of a father who is an aeronautical engineer and a mother who is a teacher and majored in textiles, merchandising and fashion design, Kwak is close to her family who travels abroad together often.

“I have traveled abroad at least twice a year, I also plan to it this year,” she said. “Whenever I travel, I learn how people live in different cultures and I have a lot of interesting experiences there. You only live once!”

And wherever she goes, Kwak makes sure to test the waters, literally.

“I enjoy swimming and overseas trips with family,” she says. “It’s really nice to feel warmth and maybe even sweat in the water after swimming to some degree. Swimming is really helpful to relieve stress.”