SOUNDBITES: Overheard at the 2019 NAB Show

“Public television stations see ATSC 3.0 as a boon to our public service missions of education, public safety and civic leadership.  The new standard will make possible advances in distance learning, emergency communications through datacasting, connectivity service to Smart Cities, and more. We can’t wait, and we look forward to working with our colleagues in commercial broadcasting to make all this happen as soon as we can.”

– Patrick Butler, President and CEO, America’s Public Television Stations

“Our Consumer Lab Research clearly shows excitement for Next-Gen TV, driving interest in broadcast TV and enhanced audio and video and interactivity.  Today’s announcement helps to solve the ‘chicken or egg’ question about the introduction of new, higher-quality television services.  Now consumer technology companies have a clear roadmap for Next-Gen TV, allowing them to innovate and introduce the first receivers for U.S. consumers in 2020.”

– Anne Schelle, Managing Director, Pearl TV

“Next-Gen TV services will enable us to deliver new value and capabilities to viewers and advertisers, while creating new business opportunities to support the continued growth of our industry well into the future. That is why Nexstar is proud to join together with many other television broadcasters in an effort of unprecedented industry collaboration to facilitate the successful roll-out of ATSC 3.0 across the United States.”

– Perry Sook, Founder, Chairman, President and CEO, Nexstar Media Group

“ATSC 3.0 allows broadcasters to combine the infinite flexibility of Internet Protocol with the unparalleled efficiency and quality of broadcast distribution.  The combination will allow Sinclair and all other broadcasters to provide vastly improved television service to our communities while creating entirely new services to diversify revenue and better serve the public. Sinclair is proud to join other leading broadcasters and TV stations across the country to launch Next-Gen TV – the most important upgrade ever of the nation’s broadcasting infrastructure.”

– Chris Ripley, President and CEO, Sinclair Broadcast Group

“Broadcasters large and small, commercial and public, from coast to coast have invested countless hours of analysis, planning and coordination to develop the rollout plans announced today.  The industry is enthusiastic about the game-changing opportunities to improve the broadcast experience for consumers, better serve advertisers and subscribers, and diversify into new businesses and new sources of revenue.  SpectrumCo will continue to support the industry as stations execute on these plans in 2019 and 2020.” 

– John Hane, President of SpectrumCo

“PearlTV’s 300 local broadcasters, along with our network partners, are aligned in our support of Next-Gen TV, which opens up new opportunities and business models while ensuring that local broadcasters remain a vital and forward-looking resource in our communities. We are honored to join other broadcasters in leading the rollout of Next-Gen TV to additional markets across the country.”

– Dave Lougee, President and CEO, TEGNA Inc., representing PearlTV

 “Graham Media Group is proud of its innovative approach to serving and covering our local communities and is looking forward to working with fellow broadcasters as we adopt Next-Gen technology across our markets.” 

– Emily Barr, President and CEO, Graham Media Group

“We know the advanced technology will allow us to better serve our communities with 4K content, delivery to mobile devices, enhanced audio experiences, and emergency communications.  Additionally, these efforts will lead to more sustainability for local broadcasters in the future as they continue to compete with international online and digital services.  We look forward to working in our 90-plus markets with other broadcasters to bring the ATSC 3.0 technology and its benefits to the viewers in our communities.”

– Pat LaPlatney, President and Co-CEO, Gray Television

“We’ve seen amazing things from our involvement in the Phoenix Model Market, and we are excited to continue forward progress on ATSC 3.0 with Pearl and its partners in other large markets across the United States.”

– Patrick McCreery, President, Local Media Group, Meredith Corporation

“ATSC 3.0 is integral to the success and longevity of our business. We are on the forefront of this movement with our partners in expanding the access and footprint of Next-Gen TV broadcast.  This is yet another example of our commitment to innovation and our viewers.”

– Joe Di Scipio, Senior Vice President, FOX Corporation

“We’re encouraged to see other broadcasters join us as we ride the road to ATSC 3.0.  The potential of ATSC 3.0 as lifesaving technology is a great benefit to our viewers in Santa Barbara and other NPG markets as we look to the future of broadcasting.  We are proud to serve our communities as the local source for news daily and at the times when it matters most!”

– Eric Bradley, Vice President, News-Press & Gazette Co.

“Univision is excited to continue supporting the NAB and the broadcast industry as we transition to Next Gen TV in several markets in 2020.  Our partnership with the broadcasters of Pearl Group in Phoenix and the SpectrumCo group in Dallas has helped create an easily replicated template for other broadcasters to follow in many more markets in 2019 and 2020.”

– John Buergler, Senior Vice President, Univision