STANDARDS PROGRESS Big Headway on More ATSC 3.0 Elements

As the saying goes, March is roaring in like a lion, especially this year at the ATSC.  There’s significant headway on more elements of the ATSC 3.0 suite of next-generation television standards.

Newly approved by ATSC members as Final Standards are the two remaining audio standards (A/342 Audio Parts 2 and 3), the A/336 Content Recovery and Redistribution Scenarios standard, and the A/326 Field Test Plan recommended practice.

The A/341 Video – HEVC document has been elevated by the TG Technology Group to Proposed Standard from Candidate Standard with the member ballot closing this month. What’s more, the A/300 ATSC 3.0 System draft is now a Candidate Standard.

Underscoring ATSC 3.0’s momentum is the fact that over the past two months, six more elements achieved member approval, bringing the number of Final Standards to 12.