The current status of ballots is given in the following table. Note that the column “Scope” is taken from the scope statement contained in the balloted document. Note also that the document names given below do not include revision numbers, since they are different from the TG1 ballot to the ATSC ballot. Additional information, including documents at all steps in the process, from TG1 ballot through publication, can be found on the ATSC Enterprise Web site.

Document Number and Title Scope TSG Ballot ATSC Ballot Status
Mobile EAS Working Draft This ballot is to implement a mobile emergency alert system. It involves the following documents:

– Working Draft Revision of A/153 Part 1

– Working Draft Revision of A/153 Part 3

– Working Draft Revision of A/153 Part 9

– Working Draft A/153 Part 10

– Working Draft A/153 Part 10 schema

Issued 17 December 2012   At TG1 ballot
Closes 28 January 2013  
Revision of A/154 This revision of A/154, “Recommended Practice: Guide to the ATSC Mobile DTV Standard,” adds implementation guidance for ATSC Mobile DTV audio with regard to loudness and dynamic range control. Issued 29 November 2012   At TG1 ballot
Closes 27 December 2012  
Revision of A/85 This is a revision of Recommended Practice A/85, “Techniques for Establishing and Maintaining Audio Loudness for Digital Television.” The focus and substance of the revision is to document ITU-R BS.1770-3 as the recommended loudness measurement method as well as to clarify a number of other important points. Issued 28 November 2012   At TG1 ballot
Closes 26 December 2012  
Working Draft Revision of A/71 The primary motivation and substance of this revision is to add a new, more flexible, signaling method. The method involves delivery of a new descriptor called a Parameterized Service Descriptor (PSD) which provides information the receiver can use to determine whether or not it has the necessary resources to render the virtual channel. Issued 5 October 2012 Issued 5 November 2012 Published
Closed 2 November 2012 Closed 3 December 2012
16 yes
0 no
2 abstain
19 yes
0 no
2 abstain
No comments No comments
Working Draft ATSC Standard: 3DTV Terrestrial Broadcasting, Part 2 – Service Compatible Hybrid Coding using Real-Time Delivery This document provides detailed specification of the parameters of the Service Compatible Hybrid-Coded 3D (SCHC) which is one particular case of the Service Compatible 3DTV system using Real-time Delivery (SCRT). This specification includes the video encoder input scanning formats and the service multiplex and transport layer characteristics and normative specifications. Issued 5 October 2012 Issued 28 November 2012 At membership ballot
Closed 9 November 2012 Closes 26 December 2012
8 yes
0 no
6 abstain
One comment received and resolved  
Working Draft Revision of A/153 Part 8 This revision was developed to address several issues, including: 1) clarifying the use of SBR and signaling of the output sampling rate of HE AAC in M/H Component Data, 2) specifying the target loudness level for the mobile audio service, and 3) updating boilerplate text. Issued 17 October 2012 Issued 20 November 2012 At membership ballot
Closed 14 November 2012 Closes 18 December 2012
18 yes
0 no
5 abstain
Comments received from two members and resolved.  
Corrigendum to A/52 The version of A/52 released 23 March 2012 included a new Annex G entitled “Enhanced AC-3 Elementary Streams in the MPEG-2 Multiplex.” A field defined in the syntax of the E AC 3_audio_descriptor() was assigned the same name as a pre-existing field in A/53 Part 1 and A/65: service_type. The overloading of field names creates confusion, especially since an upcoming revision to A/53 Part 6 must refer to both the service_type in A/53 Part 1 and the service_type in A/52 Annex G. This corrigendum addresses this overload by renaming the field in A/52 Annex G to audio_service_type. Issued 18 October 2012 Issued 19 November 2012 At membership ballot
Closed 15 November 2012 Closes 17 December 2012
17 yes
0 no
4 abstain
No comments received