TV Gateway Project Highlights ATSC 3.0 Targeted Ads, Alerts and More

The NAB PILOT initiative’s “next generation TV gateway project” is highlighting some cool ATSC 3.0 interactive capabilities. A number of new features and capabilities for broadcasters to better serve their viewers will be based on Hybrid TV – the television receiver’s ability to combine over-the-air reception with broadband connectivity and interactive applications, providing a richer consumer experience.

According to PILOT, Hybrid TV enables a TV receiver to customize the viewing experience through voluntary collection of user data and preferences. Data collected could include personal demographic information such as zip code, age, gender, income bracket and the like, contributed on an opt-in basis by the user. Responses are stored in the user’s receiver and are available to applications running on the device.

Different TV sets can provide different viewer experiences based on the unique user data stored in each receiver. Check out the new PILOT video demonstration here. [LINK TO]