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Planning Team 7 – ATSC 3.0 Service Evolution Roadmap

Group Chair: Mr. Jim DeChant, News-Press & Gazette Company
Vice Chair: Jon Fairhurst, Samsung


ATSC Planning Team 7 (PT-7) on ATSC 3.0 Service Evolution Roadmap will develop an ATSC 3.0 service evolution roadmap for the deployment of features enabled by A/300:2019/2020. This roadmap is intended to assist broadcasters, implementers and redistribution partners in prioritizing efforts, as well as informing plugfests, interoperability events and conformance test planning. PT-7 can determine how far into the future to plan; however, it is suggested that the roadmap extend from the present time to sometime between 2022 and 2025. If PT-7 identifies features that are not supported by A/300:2019/2020, those features can be communicated to the Board for consideration as new work items. PT-7 is encouraged to produce written documentation of their findings, which may be approached in an iterative process. PT-7 does not draft Standards or Recommended Practices. PT-7 reports to the ATSC Board of Directors and is open to all ATSC members.

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