Final Report of the ATSC Planning Team on Internet-Enhanced Television

27 September 2011

ATSC’s Planning Team 3 (PT-3) was charged with exploring options and making recommendations for broadcasters’ use of Internet-connected ATSC receivers. To date, PT-3 has examined all known bodies and proposals identified worldwide that are appropriate to its remit. Results of those examinations are detailed in this document, PT-3’s Final Report. Early in its work, PT-3 made a fundamental determination that its scope should be clearly limited to systems and services that leverage the Internet as an adjunct to broadcast television operations, which PT- 3 refers to as Internet-Enhanced TV. While the possible scope of application here is vast, it explicitly does not include “pure” Internet delivery of television content, with no direct association to broadcast services – often called “Over-the-Top” (OTT), and which PT-3 refers to as Internet TV.

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