ATSC Technology Group Report: ATSC 3.0 Initial AC-4 Implementation

24 May 2019

This document provides both general information and recommendations for the early implementation of the AC-4 audio system used with the ATSC 3.0 Digital Television System. It describes:

  • An AC-4 feature overview.
  • Recommendations for how encoding should be performed when transitioning from AC-3 to AC-4.
  • Requirements for content production and formatting that enable new features for viewers.
  • The characteristics and features of the AC-4 audio system that when signaled correctly, can enhance the media experience.
  • How AC-4 can be utilized in a wide range of viewing and listening environments.
  • The need to deliver a satisfying experience for consumers, which means content needs to be correctly produced and formatted, and new controls need to be presented to viewers in a consistent, user-friendly manner
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