Code Point Registry

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The Code Point Registry is intended for authors and users of MPEG-2-based standards (e.g., ATSC, SCTE, CTA, and SMPTE). It is intended to ensure harmonization of code points in specifications developed by these standards developing organizations. To meet this goal, a database of code points has been created, hereinafter called the “Code Point Registry,” and a keeper has been identified (the Registrar) to manage: 1) all syntax elements used in digital television standards for which there are values or ranges that require management, and 2) all MPEG syntax elements containing “MPEG User Private” ranges used in digital television standards.

This Registry is informative only; it refers to the appropriate standard that defines the specific value(s). The following Technology Group Reports are informatively referenced in the Registry.

T3-548: ATSC Usage of the MPEG-2 Registration Descriptor
09 October 2001

T3-549: Collision Avoidance for Private Fields and Ranges
09 October 2001

T3-567: Technology Group Report on Code Point Issues
07 February 2002