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“Being deeply involved with the ATSC puts me in direct contact with amazing leaders from all aspects of the broadcasting and CE industries as we plan the future of television generally and future ATSC capabilities, specifically.”– Brian Markwalter, Consumer Technology Association

- Brian Markwalter, Consumer Technology Association

“ATSC membership is one of the best ways for broadcasters to ensure continuing viability of the television industry. It’s an investment in our collective future, providing a unique and increasingly important opportunity to shape our own destiny within a rapidly changing environment.”– Skip Pizzi, NAB

- Skip Pizzi, NAB

“The worldwide scope of the ATSC has become even more relevant: contributors from all parts of the world are working together towards the most advanced digital television standard. The fact of sharing this objective with the leading broadcast industry and research institutions and be part of the process is really important for our university.”– Pablo Angueira, UPV/EHU

- Pablo Angueira, UPV/EHU

“We’re excited to continue our good relationship with the ATSC and share the latest in technology to enrich the future of broadcast media.”– Kenichi Murayama, NHK

- Kenichi Murayama, NHK

“Understanding the fast-moving technologies that consumers use and developing standards to meet future consumer needs is a challenge that the ATSC takes to heart.  It is fun, inspiring work.”– Brian Markwalkter, Consumer Technology Association

- Brian Markwalkter, Consumer Technology Association

“There’s great benefit to be gained by representatives of member organizations showing up to contribute to the cross industry collaboration among the highly dedicated members of the committees.”– Ira Goldstone, Univision Television Group

- Ira Goldstone, Univision Television Group

“Being involved with ATSC standards development is a way to contribute to new business and innovative services.”– Youngkwon Lim, Samsung

- Youngkwon Lim, Samsung

“I have learned not to assume anything about what exists, what is possible, and what business models may be out there creating new opportunities for all participants across ATSC.”– Ira Goldstone, Univision Television Group

- Ira Goldstone, Univision Television Group

“Being able to meet and discuss with such a large number of professionals who have an enormous combined depth of experience is helpful. It is humbling to be able to hear from ATSC members who were designing digital TV standards while I was still in high school!”– Lachlan Michael, Sony

- Lachlan Michael, Sony

“It’s critical for broadcasters to stay current in today’s rapidly-changing technology and business world. The ATSC provides a mechanism to not only stay up to date, but also to be a part of shaping our future.”– Dave Siegler, Cox Media Group

- Dave Siegler, Cox Media Group

‘There is no better way to be involved than jumping in with both feet and make contributions in your area of expertise.”– Dave Siegler, Cox Media Group

- Dave Siegler, Cox Media Group

“The ATSC provides a unique forum where the wireless mobile segment can work in collaboration with broadcasters.”– Kent Walker, Qualcomm

- Kent Walker, Qualcomm

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