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ATSC Standard A/101 Advanced Common Application Platform Certification Mark

The A/101 ATSC Advanced Common Application Platform Standard is intended firstly to be used by entities writing terminal specifications and/or standards based on ACAP. Secondly, it is intended for developers of applications that use the ACAP functionality and APIs. ACAP aims to ensure interoperability between ACAP applications and different implementations of platforms supporting ACAP applications. An ACAP Application is a collection of information which is processed by an application environment in order to interact with an end-user or otherwise alter the state of the application environment.

ACAP Applications are classified into two categories depending upon whether the initial application content processed is of a procedural or a declarative nature. These categories of applications are referred to as procedural (ACAP-J) and declarative (ACAP-X) applications, respectively.

The ATSC has developed a certification mark for products that comply with the standard.

Manufacturers may use the mark in accordance with the ATSC’s Certification Mark Policy.

Fees for Approved Certified Users

ATSC members: no fee.

Non-members of the ATSC: no fee.

To apply for the ACAP Certification Mark, click here

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