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Code Point Registry

The Code Point Registry is intended for authors and users of ATSC Standards. It is intended to ensure harmonization of code points in specifications developed by ATSC and other standards development organizations that rely on fields defined in ATSC Standards. To meet this goal, a database of code points has been created called the “Code Point Registry”.

The Registrar is the ATSC Editor. Inquiries and requests for registration should sent by email to . Registration requests should include the ATSC Standard number, the fieldname, the requested values (each with a short description), a link or pointer to a publicly available specification defining the syntax and semantics, organization name, and a contact name and email address. Unless explicitly stated otherwise in a Standard, code points are not assigned to individuals or commercial companies.

This Registry is informative only; for each value it refers to the appropriate authoritative industry standard that defines that value.

Open Registry Spreadsheet

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