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ATSC 3.0 Technical Documents

ATSC 3.0 is a next generation digital terrestrial broadcast system designed from the ground up to improve the television viewing experience and open new business models and verticals to the broadcasting ecosystem. With higher audio and video quality, improved compression efficiency, robust transmission for reception on both fixed and mobile devices, and more accessibility, personalization and interactivity, the state-of-the-art IP-based data delivery capability, and unprecedented flexibility and evolvability the ATSC 3.0 standard is designed to usher in a new chapter in the digital terrestrial broadcasting industry. The complete system is defined in a suite of 20+ Standards and companion Recommended Practices.

Request for Proposals

An ATSC Request for Proposals (RFP) is a solicitation for technologies to develop specifications for potential incorporation into an ATSC Standard or other ATSC document.

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An ATSC Standard is a document that states basic specifications or criteria that are necessary for effective implementation and interoperability of Advanced Terrestrial Broadcast Systems. Documents are provided in the links below in the Acrobat (PDF) format. Schema files are provided in the ZIP format.

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Candidate Standards

A Candidate Standard has received significant review within a Specialist Group. Advancement of a document to Candidate Standard is an explicit call to those outside of the related Specialist Group for implementation and technical feedback. This is the phase at which the Specialist Group is responsible for formally acquiring that experience or at least defining the expectations of implementation.

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Recommended Practices

An ATSC Recommended Practice is a document that states specifications or criteria within digital terrestrial broadcast systems that are not strictly necessary for effective implementation and interoperability, but that are thought to be advisable and may improve the efficiency of implementation or reduce the probability of implementation errors. An ATSC Recommended Practice may specify preferred methodology for implementation and operation and may recommend a choice from among alternatives.

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Technology Group Reports

An ATSC Technology Group Report is a document that incorporates consensus on information regarding ATSC Standards and related industry activities.

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Planning Team Reports

Planning Team Reports summarize the findings of a Planning Team. Planning Team Reports typically describe an exploration of a given topic of relevance to the broadcasting industry, and may include use cases, commercial applications, a listing of existing technologies relevant to the topic, and in some cases, a recommendation for next steps within ATSC.

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Implementation Team Guides

An Implementation Team Guide describes methods of deploying elements of a Standard or addresses a broad topic that requires knowledge of a variety of facets of a system. An Implementation Team Guide is intended to help implementers understand how a given Use Case might be deployed and typically will offer pointers to various other technical documents that support the Use Case.

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