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Implementation Team 4 – Brazil

Brazil I-Team Scope

The ATSC Brazil Implementation Team will organize efforts to represent the ATSC response to the SBTVD TV 3.0 Call for Proposals during Phase 2 (Test Phase) of the SBTVD selection and evaluation process. The team will participate in the Phase 2 test regimen, providing the necessary equipment, resources, and solutions to demonstrate the ATSC CfP response in the best light possible. While other tasks or projects may arise, this task will be the team’s initial main focus. The ATSC Brazil Implementation Team does not draft Standards or Recommended Practices. The Team reports to the ATSC Board of Directors.


Participation in the Brazil I-Team is open to all organizations offering or planning to offer services, products or other efforts relating to or supporting the scope and goals of the Team. Participating organizations must agree to abide by policies established by the ATSC Board of Directors.


The base annual fee for participation in the Brazil Implementation Team is $1,000 for ATSC members and $3,000 for organizations that are not ATSC members, pro-rated quarterly. The Base Annual Fee may be adjusted from time to time as authorized by the Team. Additional fees may be charged for specific activities as determined by the I-Team. These fees can be used to offset incurred costs.

Participation Agreement:

Participation in the Brazil Implementation Team will require organizations to sign a Participation Agreement. See link below.


It is expected that most decisions will be made by consensus. Where necessary a voting process with one vote per participating organization, on a simple majority basis, will be used to achieve group agreements.

Brazil IT Participation Agreement Form

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