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ATSC 3.0 : Candidate Standards

A Candidate Standard has received significant review within a Specialist Group. Advancement of a document to Candidate Standard is an explicit call to those outside of the related Specialist Group for implementation and technical feedback. This is the phase at which the Specialist Group is responsible for formally acquiring that experience or at least defining the expectations of implementation.

Documents are provided in the links below in the Acrobat (PDF) format.

  • A/344:2023-05 Candidate Standard RevisionMost Recent Document Approved: 19 June 2023

    This document describes the interactive content environment provided by an ATSC 3.0 receiver. This environment is comprised of a standard W3C User Agent with known characteristics, a WebSocket interface for obtaining information from the receiver and controlling various receiver functionality, and an HTTP interface for accessing files delivered over broadcast. This document also specifies the life cycle of the interactive content when delivered over broadband or broadcast or both.

    This document is a Candidate Standard and may be updated from time to time by the originating specialist group, TG3/S38. The Candidate Standard period extends to 28 February 2024. The CS period may be shortened or extended by TG3.

    Download “Candidate Standard Revision of A/344:2023-05, ATSC 3.0 Interactive Content”, approved 19 June April 2023. This document is provided as a redline relative to the current published version of A/344:2023-05.

    A Change Log” is provided that summarizes the proposed changes.

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