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Planning Team 9 – Sustainability

Co-Chair: Robin Hérin, ATEME
Co-Chair: Bill Redmann, InterDigital


Planning Team 9 – Sustainability in Media and Data Delivery Services (PT9) will study the benefits of broadcast data delivery as relates to sustainable energy usage in a world increasingly dependent on data delivery. The team will consider linear and file-based media delivery as well as linear and file-based data delivery. PT9 will report the results of this work to the Board. If technical work in ATSC is recommended, PT9 will further document rationale for the work and ideally also document possible architectural approaches and requirements, such as interoperability with existing networks, which would accommodate the identified use cases. PT9 does not draft standards or recommended practices; it may draft New Project Proposals and/or Planning Team Reports. PT9 reports to the ATSC Board of Directors and participation is open to all ATSC members.

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