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Impact on Standards that Affect the DTV Industry

  • Involvement in developing and approving Standards and Recommended Practices for the digital terrestrial transmission industry.
  • Involvement in Planning Teams exploring new technologies and verticals that are emerging in the broadcast industry.
  • Develop and share information on the implementation of ATSC Standards and Recommended Practices.
  • Coordinate/harmonize with standards-setting bodies around the world.

Access to Information on ATSC Standards Development

  • Access to the flow of information through the ATSC members-only workspace, including email reflectors, document revision details, member meeting calendar, member ballots, and more.
  • Participate in the technical, planning, and implementation group meetings that shape the future of digital terrestrial broadcasting.
  • Monitor activity around the world that can impact the global digital terrestrial broadcasting ecosystem.

 Marketing and Networking Opportunities

  • Affiliation with ATSC and its members.
  • Raise the profile of your organization and key personnel through leadership roles in the technology, planning and implementation groups.
  • Access to popular seminars on digital terrestrial broadcasting standards and technology.
  • Opportunities to sponsor ATSC demonstrations and events.
  • Use of the ATSC logo on websites, marketing material and in exhibit booths. (Ask about logo usage rules.)
  • Opportunities to network with fellow digital terrestrial broadcasting industry experts.

ATSC Voting Members

  • Any corporation or other business entity having a commercial interest directly and materially affected by standards development of the Advanced Television Systems Committee, Inc.
  • Any nonprofit organization whose members or activities are directly affected by the work of the ATSC.
  • Government entities whose participation would be focused on technical standards.
  • If distinct divisions of an organization can demonstrate independent interests and authority to make independent decisions in the various areas of activity of ATSC, then each may apply for membership.
  • Members must have the qualifications to participate actively in the work of ATSC and the willingness to bear an appropriate share of the expenses of the organization.

ATSC Observers

Any individual, or any entity not eligible for membership in the Voting Class, who has an interest in the activities of ATSC and is willing to bear its appropriate share of the expenses of the Corporation may be accorded a membership in the Observer Class.

ATSC Membership Dues

There are five categories of ATSC Membership Dues, each based on an organization’s annual revenue. Dues are invoiced annually, and if a member joins mid-year then the dues are pro-rated quarterly. For more details, see the ATSC Dues Policy. The table below represents the current dues structure.

Annual Gross Revenue Annual Member Dues Annual Observer Dues
Individual N/A $750
Colleges and Universities $2,800 $2,100
Less than $10 million US $2,800 $2,100
$10 million – $100 million US $9,500 $7,800
$100 million – $1 billion US $20,000 $18,500
More than 1 billion US $28,000 $20,000

Next Steps

Please apply online for the appropriate membership category. Upon receipt of the application, it is reviewed by the ATSC President and, once approved, is sent to the ATSC Board of Directors for their review. The Board has 5 business days to respond with comments and/or objections to the application. If no objections are made, the organization will be notified, invoiced for their appropriate dues’ payment, and begin to reap the benefits of membership!

If you have any questions, please contact ATSC at 202.872.9160 or Thank you; we look forward to your participation and voice in ATSC activities.

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