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Implementation Team 5 – Tower Network

Chair: Dr. Yiyan Wu, Communications Research Centre
Vice-Chairs: Dr. Dazhi He, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Louis Libin, Sinclair Broadcast Group


The goal of the Tower Network Implementation Team (TN-IT) is to design, implement, test, validate, and demonstrate the Inter-Tower Communications Network (ITCN) and In-band Distribution Link (IDL). IDL is a one-way distribution system that will provide the program feed to (SFN) towers in the manner of an STL (Studio to Transmitter Link). The ITCN may additionally distribute Broadcast Internet data. In-band full-duplex technology may be used on a portion of the broadcast spectrum to distribute TV program and data, potentially unrelated to video content, where the transmission and reception occurs simultaneously on the same RF band. ITCN is designed to link all broadcast towers to form a Tower Communications Network (cluster) for control, monitoring, data communication, and localized datacast and broadcast services. The systems developed may utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) to monitor, configure and direct process flow, bandwidth requirements and diversity schemes for ITCN and IDL along with other technologies to enhance overall capabilities and to allow for future growth. Channel sharing and bonding may be considered.


Participation in an ATSC Implementation Team is open to all organizations offering or planning to offer services, products or other efforts relating or supporting implementation of ATSC 3.0. Participation in an ATSC Implementation Team requires organizations to sign an Implementation Team Agreement for the Team, which is available via the link below. There are additional fees for participation in an ATSC Implementation Team as described in the Implementation Team Agreement.

Tower Network IT Participation Agreement Form.

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