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ATSC has three types of groups, each with its own purpose and charter: Technology Groups, Implementation Teams, and Planning Teams.

Technology Groups are formed to draft technical documentation, including Standards and Recommended Practices. These groups evaluate technologies for inclusion in ATSC Standards and Recommended Practices and draft these documents. They may also develop Technology Group Reports. Technology Groups focus their discussions on technology, relying on other groups for any exploration of a given topic beyond the technical facets. Technology Groups are open to all ATSC members. They can create sub-groups, including Specialist groups, which in turn can form Ad-hoc Groups.

Implementation Teams are formed to provide a venue for industry discussions related to implementation of ATSC Standards. I-Teams may address business, regulatory and technical requirements for successful roll-out of ATSC Standards. I-Teams do not draft Standards or Recommended Practices; however, they may create Implementation Guides.

Planning Teams are groups designed to study a given topic, often prior to ATSC starting any technical effort. Planning Teams are formed by and report to the ATSC Board of Directors. Open to all ATSC members, Planning Teams are free to explore a range of facets behind a topic including industry impact, technical viability, technology maturity, and more.

ATSC members derive value from all three group types – Technology Groups, Implementation Teams, and Planning Teams – each with its particular role in supporting inter-industry objectives and our members’ goals.

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