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Implementation Team 7 – Caribbean

Chair: Mark Corl, Triveni Digital


The ATSC Caribbean Implementation Team (IT-7) provides a focal point for communication to and from Caribbean nations and ATSC regarding ATSC 3.0 adoption and implementation, working closely with national and regional organizations (e.g., BCJ, CTU, CBU) to develop and support national, regional and coordinated solutions and strategies. IT-7 reports to the ATSC Board of Directors. It does not develop ATSC Standards or Recommended Practices; however, it may provide input to technical document development based on its experience with specific Caribbean requirements.


Participation in an ATSC Implementation Team is open to all organizations offering or planning to offer services, products or other efforts relating or supporting implementation of ATSC 3.0. Participation in an ATSC Implementation Team requires organizations to sign an Implementation Team Agreement for the Team, which is available via the link below. There are additional fees for participation in an ATSC Implementation Team as described in the Implementation Team Agreement.

Caribbean IT Participation Agreement Form

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