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ATSC 3.0 : Technology Group Reports

An ATSC Technology Group Report is a document that incorporates consensus on information regarding ATSC Standards and related industry activities.

  • T/300, “ATSC Technology Group Report: ATSC 3.0 Launch – DASH Timeline and IMSC1”Most Recent Document Approved: 9 October 2020

    This document provides a tutorial on the MPD and IMSC1 timelines, as well as recommendations on an initial “launch” constraint set. The purpose of the recommendations in this document is to provide interoperability of the ATSC 3.0 IMSC1 Component. Broadcasters and others have noticed inconsistencies with early IMSC1 encoding and decoding implementations. This is a proposed solution to this issue. The goal is to provide conformant and consistent encoding and decoding, including a conformance test plan. The target audience is engineers. It is assumed that the reader is knowledgeable about MPEG DASH, ISO BMFF, and IMSC1 in general.

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  • T/301, “ATSC Technology Group Report: ATSC 3.0 Initial AC-4 Implementation”Most Recent Document Approved: 24 May 2019

    This document provides both general information and recommendations for the early implementation of the AC-4 audio system used with the ATSC 3.0 Digital Television System. It describes:

    • An AC-4 feature overview.
    • Recommendations for how encoding should be performed when transitioning from AC-3 to AC-4.
    • Requirements for content production and formatting that enable new features for viewers.
    • The characteristics and features of the AC-4 audio system that when signaled correctly, can enhance the media experience.
    • How AC-4 can be utilized in a wide range of viewing and listening environments.
    • The need to deliver a satisfying experience for consumers, which means content needs to be correctly produced and formatted, and new controls need to be presented to viewers in a consistent, user-friendly manner

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