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ATSC 1.0 Standards

“ATSC 1.0” is the designation used (retroactively) to describe the first digital television standard developed by the ATSC. The system ushered in the revolution of high-definition television and broadcast surround sound. As the ATSC 1.0 system matured, additional features and capabilities were added in support of television broadcasters.


An ATSC Standard is a document that states basic specifications or criteria that are necessary for effective implementation and interoperability of Advanced Television Systems.

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Recommended Practices

An ATSC Recommended Practice is a document that states specifications or criteria within Advanced Television Systems that are not strictly necessary for effective implementation and interoperability, but that are thought to be advisable and may improve the efficiency of implementation or reduce the probability of implementation errors. An ATSC Recommended Practice may specify preferred methodology for implementation and operation and may recommend a choice from among alternatives.

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Technology Group Reports

An ATSC Technology Group Report is a document that incorporates consensus on information regarding ATSC Standards and related industry activities.

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