A/335 “Video Watermark Emission”

A/335 “Video Watermark Emission”

The video watermark technology described in this document provides the capability to robustly embed ancillary data in the transmitted pixels of a video signal. It is intended to provide a data path for its ancillary data payload that can readily survive changes in video compression data rate, transcoding to other video compression codecs, and delivery over legacy consumer HDMI interfaces. It is not intended to be a tamper-resistant or indelible watermark, and it may be deliberately obliterated by an intermediary. Emission by a broadcaster of the video watermark is optional.

There are multiple versions of this document. Please be sure to download the desired version. For amendments, the text includes a list of changes, the rationale for the changes, and compatibility considerations.

Download A/335:2016 “Video Watermark Emission,” approved 20 September 2016. This is the version referenced by A/300:2019.

Download A/335:2016 Amendment No. 1, “Additional Video Resolutions,” approved 9 December 2019.

Download A/335:2016 with Amendment No. 1 integrated into the Standard  

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