GOLD MEDAL WORTHY: ATSC 3.0 Wows Visitors in Korea

Gangneung Olympic Park Features ‘UHD Mobile Broadcast Experience’

The Korea Radio Promotion Association, known as RAPA, conducted impressive public demonstrations of ATSC 3.0 mobile broadcasting during the Olympics.  South Korea launched the world’s first terrestrial ATSC 3.0 4K broadcasting service last May in Seoul.  Earlier this year, coverage was extended major cities including Pyeongchang and Gangneung, home to 2018 Winter Olympics.

While major broadcasters SBS, MBC and KBS transmitted dazzling 4K UHD images of the Games to fixed ATSC 3.0 receivers from LG and Samsung, RAPA hosted the “UHD Mobile Broadcast Experience” shuttle bus.  From Feb. 9-25, the bus traversed the road around Gangneung Olympic Park eight times a day with stops including the media village, hotels and the hockey centre.

Riders on the 30-seat UHD Mobile Broadcast Experience enjoyed four broadcast channels broadcast displayed on a 49-inch 4K UHD TV in the front of the bus, as well as three monitors and seven tablets – all equipped to receive ATSC 3.0 over-the-air broadcasts.