President’s Memo

On Gratitude –

Reflecting on the past year as we just finished Thanksgiving, it’s easy to look back and be grateful to the many professionals who have given selflessly of their time and talents to make the ATSC stronger and even more relevant to TV broadcasters.

Our standards development work continues on parallel paths, and I am thankful to have the involvement of professionals like Dr. Rich Chernock (leaving the chairmanship of TG1), incoming TG1 chair Michael Dolan, and TG3 ‘s leader Jim Kutzner.

New this year are Implementation Teams, appointed to guide technology that is now beginning to reach our membership.  Dave Siegler is leading the ATSC 2.0 Implementation Team and Jay Adrick is showing the way with the Mobile-EAS Implementation Team.  We are, indeed, lucky to have such steady hands on the rudders of those important projects.

Our ATSC Board of Directors is manning the sails, looking ahead to make sure our ship catches the wind in just the right way.  We welcome back to the Board of Directors John Godfrey (after only a year away from the Board) and I’m personally very thankful to have Chairman Glenn Reitmeier at captain’s wheel on this voyage.

The ATSC staff deserves recognition and gratitude for the work they do throughout the year to keep things on course.  Thanks to Jerry Whitaker, Daro Bruno, and Lindsay Shelton-Gross for their tireless efforts to support our members and initiatives.

A quick review of the course we’ve charted this year shows new territory and some familiar landmarks.  We look forward to continuing to prosper thanks to the involvement of our members who make the ATSC what it is today.  And we welcome aboard new companies who are interested and engaged with the course we’ll set for the next several years.

Mark Richer

ATSC President