PRESIDENT’S MEMO: Broadcasting is Cool Again

The headline in Consumer Electronics Daily covering ATSC 3.0 at last month’s NAB Show said it all: “Broadcasting is Cool Again.”

Nowhere was that more evident than at our “Road to ATSC 3.0” exhibit, co-hosted by ATSC, CTA and NAB., which spotlighted early Next Gen TV implementations along the Road to ATSC 3.0. There, thousands of attendees – from senior broadcast executives and policymakers to CTOs and station engineers to service and equipment providers – all experienced that, thanks to ATSC 3.0, broadcasting is indeed cool again.

We continue on the Road to ATSC 3.0 this month with our 2018 Broadcast Television Conference, May 23-24 in Washington.  (Register now!)   As detailed in this issue of THE STANDARD, the Road to ATSC 3.0 conference will bring together key stakeholders across the Next Gen TV ecosystem with a focus on implementation and deployment, now that the ATSC 3.0 suite of standards has been released.

As we reflect on broadcasting’s cool heritage – commemorated this month with the 25th anniversary of the Digital HD Grand Alliance (which developed what we now call ATSC 1.0) and 35th anniversary of the ATSC’s founding – there’s no question that broadcasting is cool again. Join us on the Road to ATSC 3.0!

Mark Richer, ATSC President