THE ENVELOPE PLEASE: ATSC Gurus Todd and Weiss Honored by SMPTE

Two legendary ATSC gurus will be honored in October by the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers.

SMPTE is presenting its most prestigious award, the 2018 Progress Medal, to Dolby’s Craig Todd, ATSC board member and long-time ATSC volunteer leader, “in recognition of more than four decades of innovation in the delivery of digital multichannel sound to the theater and the home, as well as significant contributions to high-dynamic-range imagery and steadfast support of the standards process worldwide.” The SMPTE Progress Medal recognizes outstanding technical contributions to the progress of the engineering phases of the motion-picture, television or motion-imaging industries. 

Merrill Weiss, long-time ATSC volunteer leader and Lechner Award honoree, will receive the 2018 Excellence in Standards Award “in recognition of more than four decades of participation and more than three decades of leadership in the development of SMPTE’s standards.” Weiss has served in the Society’s standards community continuously for over 40 years and has led many of SMPTE’s most important standards efforts. He is a SMPTE Fellow and has mentored many Technology Committee participants who later made significant contributions to the Society’s work. The SMPTE Excellence in Standards Award recognizes individuals or companies that have been actively involved in advancing the Society’s standards activities and processes.

Sony’s Luke Fay is among 15 new SMPTE Fellows who will be recognized during next month’s SMPTE Annual Awards Gala. James O’Neal, long-time trade journalist who is considered part of the ATSC family, also is a new SMPTE Fellow. This honor is conferred on individuals who have, through their proficiency and contributions to the motion-picture, television, or related industries, attained an outstanding rank among engineers or executives in media and entertainment. 

Congratulating Todd, Weiss and other honorees, SMPTE President Matt Goldman said the awards conferred by SMPTE “showcase the stories behind industry-defining achievements and the people that brought them to fruition… offering a unique perspective on the human element of advances in media and entertainment technology.”

The 2018 SMPTE Awards Gala will take place Oct. 25 in Los Angeles. SMPTE Fellows elevations will be conferred at the SMPTE 2018 Fellows Luncheon on Oct. 23.