A/53: ATSC Digital Television Standard

Various Dates

The Digital Television Standard describes the system characteristics of the advanced television (ATV) system. The document and its normative Parts provide detailed specification of the parameters of the system including the video encoder input scanning formats and the preprocessing and compression parameters of the video encoder, the audio encoder input signal format and the pre-processing and compression parameters of the audio encoder, the service multiplex and transport layer characteristics and normative specifications, and the VSB RF/Transmission subsystem.

A/53, Part 1:2013, “Digital Television System”

A/53, Part 2:2011, “RF/Transmission System Characteristics”

A/53, Part 3:2013, “Service Multiplex and Transport Subsystem Characteristics”

A/53, Part 4:2009, “MPEG-2 Video System Characteristics”

A/53, Part 5:2014, “AC-3 Audio System Characteristics”

A/53, Part 6:2013, “Enhanced AC-3 Audio System Characteristics”

A/53: ATSC Digital Television Standard, Parts 1-6, 2007. This integrated file provides A/53, Parts 1-6, as adopted by the Federal Communications Commission. Note: the version adopted by the FCC is not necessarily the current version of the Standard.

A Recommended Practice for the Digital Television Standard is also available.


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