A/90:2013: ATSC Data Broadcast Standard

28 October 2013

The ATSC Data Broadcast Standard defines protocols for data transmission compatible with digital multiplex bit streams constructed in accordance with ISO/IEC 13818-1 (MPEG-2 Systems). The standard supports data services that are both TV program related and non-program related. Applications may include enhanced television, webcasting, and streaming video services. Data broadcasting receivers may include PCs, televisions, set-top boxes, or other devices. The standard provides mechanisms for download of data, delivery of datagrams and streaming data.

A Recommended Practice for the Data Broadcast Standard is also available.


A/91: Implementation Guidelines for the Data Broadcast Standard
10 June 2001
This document provides a set of guidelines for the use and implementation of the ATSC Data Broadcast Standard. As such, they facilitate the efficient and reliable implementation of data broadcast services. The information contained herein applies to data service providers as the primary entity that assembles the elements of each data channel. It also applies to broadcasters, network operators, and infrastructure manufacturers. The rules are specified in the form of constraints on the data broadcast implementation.
Note that A/91 has not been updated to reflect the latest revision of the Data Broadcast Standard, A/90:2013.
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