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ATSC Standard A/153 Mobile Digital Television Certification Mark

Introducing the new Advanced Television Systems Committee Mobile DTV Certification Mark

The A/153 ATSC Mobile Digital Television (DTV) Standard, adopted in October, defines the technical specifications necessary for broadcasters to provide new services to mobile and handheld devices using their DTV transmissions.

In cooperation with the Consumer Electronics Association, the ATSC has developed a certification mark for products that comply with the standard.

Manufacturers may use the mark in accordance with the ATSC’s Certification Mark Policy, available online here.

The Mobile DTV Certification Mark is expected to be used in association with a wide array of wireless receiving products including mobile phones, small handheld DTVs, laptop computers, “dongles” and in-vehicle entertainment systems, as well as professional broadcast equipment. Other items that may utilize the mark include mobile DTV-related software, applications and accessories that comply with the standard.

Fees for Approved Certified Users

ATSC members: $1000 annually

Non-members of the ATSC: $2500 annually

Manufacturers applying to use the ATSC Mobile DTV Certification Mark (CM) for a product, must self-certify that all functions or features of the product that are covered by the standard comply with the standard.

To apply for the Mobile DTV Certification Mark, click here

Current certified users of the MDTV certification mark:

Digital Stream
DTV Interactive
Rohde & Schwarz

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