ATSC 2019 sponsor ATEME, is the video delivery leader committed to continuous investment in video quality enhancements. The company is a leading member of organizations, industry committees and research groups in the forefront of standards development. In addition to actively investing in VVC, AV1, MPEG-2, H.264 and HEVC, ATEME has been working with leading ATSC groups, cable operators and STB vendors to introduce a High-Efficiency MPEG-2 (HE-MPEG2©) CODEC. The HE-MPEG2 is compatible with MPEG-2 compliant decoders, including legacy STBs and digital televisions; it does not require any change nor upgrade on existing devices. Based on the bandwidth efficiency of HE-MPEG2 in conjunction with ATEME’s TITAN Live/Mux statistical multiplexing solutions, ATSC stations can operate with a 30% increase mux density, without compromising video quality and with an easy migration path to ATSC3.0, HEVC or SHVC (Scalable HEVC). Today, ATEME is the one and only solution provider to propose SHVC / HEVC for ATSC3.0, which accelerates the transition of the over-the-air delivery to ATSC 3.0 “NextGen” television services.