Ballot Report

Ballot Report

This week TG1 ballots will be issued on a substantial revision of ATSC standard A/72, “Video System Characteristics of AVC in the ATSC Digital Television System.” A/72 currently has two Parts, having been approved by the ATSC membership in July 2008. For the past several months three specialist groups have worked up update the standard—TG1/S6, which focused on Part 1, TG1/S8, which focused on Part 2, and TG1/S12, which developed a new Part 3. Earlier this year TG1 authorized ballots on all three documents. There will be separate ballots, but all three will be issued as a package, since they are interrelated.

Details on each Part are provided below.

  • Working Draft Revision of A/72 Part 1, “Video System Characteristics of AVC in the ATSC Digital Television System.” Changes contained in the document can be divided into three main categories: 1) re-alignment of constraints with SCTE 128, 2) relaxation of image format constraints in line with A/153, and 3) updated references and document boilerplate.
  • Working Draft Revision of A/72 Part 2, “AVC Video Transport Subsystem Characteristics.” Major changes include: 1) updates to references and boilerplate language, 2) extensibility of Stream Info details for AVC Stream Type (0x1B), and 3) alignment of constraints to SCTE 128-2.
  • Working Draft A/72 Part 3, “Video and Transport Subsystem Characteristics of MVC for 3D-TV Broadcast in the ATSC Digital Television System.” This document provides the coding and transport constraints for the use of Annex H of the AVC video coding standard (ITU-T Rec. H.264 | ISO/IEC 14496-10). This will permit the use of the coding tools documented in Annex H, collectively called “MVC”, within an ATSC 3D-TV service.

The TG1 ballots on these documents should be issued within the next few days.

As a reminder, all ATSC ballots close at 11:59 p.m. ET on the closing date. One vote per company. For ballots of TG1, all TG1 member companies who have voting eligibility (as defined on the current Voting Eligibility List) may vote on TG1 ballots. Ballots of the full ATSC Membership are conducted on a dedicated group on Kavi known as the Member Representatives group. This group is made up of the primary representative from each member company.

The Kavi system sends out a notification when each ballot opens. All ballots open at 6:00 p.m. ET. Reminders are sent to members who have not already voted one week before the ballot closes, and then again one day before the ballot closes. Ballot results are posted the next business day following the close of the ballot.