NEWSFLASH: Public Media Group Focuses on Next Gen TV Infrastructure

A new organization called Public Media Group (PMG) has been launched with a goal to “transform broadcast technology infrastructure and ensure broadcasters are able to leverage the full power and revenue opportunities of Next Gen TV powered by ATSC 3.0.”

As broadcast standards advance and the industry moves towards ATSC 3.0 implementation, PMG says it is singularly focused on building and operating a nationwide network of Next Gen TV, data centers, and software platforms that advance the capacity and opportunities of the broadcasting industry to engage audiences, serve communities, and develop new content and data-driven business models. PMG intends to work to bring new sources of revenue built on this platform to its partners.

PMG was started in partnership with Public Media Venture Group (PMVG) — a coalition of public television stations committed to collaborating on Next Gen TV — and Osborn Engineering, a 125-year-old broadcast engineering firm. PMVG’s 31-member coalition, which represent 117 stations reaching more than 230 million Americans, will leverage PMG’s infrastructure and technology offerings in order to diversify the ways in which they serve their audiences and generate new revenue.

“The industry is changing at break-neck speed as our clients face an increasingly competitive and shifting environment, from uncertainties around new broadcasting standards to rapidly evolving consumer viewing preferences,” said Joe Chinnici, PMG CEO. “By partnering with us, commercial and public broadcasters will be uniquely positioned to compete for audience and new revenues in a rapidly shifting media environment, while maximizing the value of their spectrum.”

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