And Now a Word from Our Sponsor…

ONE Media


ATSC 2016 sponsor ONE Media is a technical development company whose mission is to be a catalyst and driver of innovation for over-the-air broadcasters. In concert with its joint venture partners, Sinclair Broadcast Group and Coherent Logix, ONE Media is at the forefront of the move to IP-based protocol, providing flexibility and evolvability to broadcasters looking to expand their businesses beyond television core offerings.  The A/321 “bootstrap” standard, based on ONE Media technology, provides flexible alternatives to meet the needs of viewers and other businesses. ONE Media is testing an ATSC 3.0 single frequency network via experimental facilities in Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, Maryland. The full-power, multi-site test platform will deploy a full range of next-gen services to prove some of the most highly anticipated capabilities of the new standard including program “zoning” and targeted advertising to discrete parts of a station’s market using the same channel.  To learn more, please visit