A/110:2011, ATSC Standard for Transmitter Synchronization

8 April 2011

This document defines a standard for synchronization of multiple transmitters emitting trellis-coded 8-VSB signals in accordance with ATSC A/53 Part 2 and of both single and multiple transmitters emitting Mobile DTV signals in accordance with ATSC A/153 Part 2. The emitted signals from transmitters operated according to this standard comply fully with the requirements of both ATSC A/53 and A/153. This document specifies mechanisms necessary to transmit synchronization signals to the one or several transmitters using a dedicated PID value, including the formatting of packets associated with that PID value and without altering the signal format emitted from the transmitters. It also provides for adjustment of transmitter timing and other characteristics through additional information carried in the specified packet structure. Techniques are provided for cascading transmitters in networks of synchronous translators. In addition, it specifies an alternative method for transmitting synchronization signals to single transmitters operating according to A/153.

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