A/331:2019, “Signaling, Delivery, Synchronization, and Error Protection”

Approved 20 June 2019

This document specifies protocols used for delivery and synchronization of media and non-timed data in the ATSC 3.0 system. A/331 specifies the technical mechanisms and procedures pertaining to service signaling and IP-based delivery of a variety of ATSC 3.0 services and contents to ATSC 3.0-capable receivers over broadcast, broadband, and hybrid broadcast/broadband networks. The service signaling functionality defines the data formats and information components necessary to discover and acquire user services. The IP-based delivery functionality specifies two application transport protocols for the carriage of media content and service signaling data over broadcast and/or broadband networks to receivers. The delivery functionality also includes mechanisms for the synchronization of media components delivered on the same or different transport networks, and application-layer forward error correction methods that enable error-free reception and consumption of media streams or discrete file objects. A component of this standard is the accompanying schema.

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